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Shop window protected by security grille


At PJ + Sons Metalwork, your security is our priority, and that's exactly what our fixed window grilles and bars deliver. Powerful levels of performance; minimal maintenance.

Based in Fulham, London, we proudly serve, London, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey. 

For peace of mind, nothing competes with our fixed window grilles and bars

Fixed window grilles are made from solid steel box sections, which are welded together and then powder coated for added protection. They will last for many decades to come, providing impressive levels of security whilst requiring little-to-no maintenance at all.


In fact, fixed window grilles are so effective, they may even reduce your insurance premiums (although this may differ from insurer to insurer).

Let’s face it, a property whose windows and doors are protected by an imposing set of steel bars is going to be an instant deterrent to thieves. And that means peace of mind for you.

A wide range of frame options to suit all needs

We have a wide range of frame options to suit all your needs. Depending on the fixtures required for the grilles, you can benefit from the addition of stand-off legs, which means the grilles stand away from the wall, allowing your windows to open.


The solid steel bars are generally face-fixed to the brick work, making the task of trying to break or damage them a truly thankless one!

As with all our products, our fixed window grilles are composed of the highest-quality steel, so you can rest assured that the finished product will not only be made to measure but built to last the test of time.

Other security products we manufacture and install include metal fencing and gates with access control features.

metal security bars in front of property

Don't assume aesthetics is out of the question!

At PJ + Sons Metalwork, we know there’s often a battle between functionality and appearance, when it comes to your property.


Thankfully, we can incorporate intricate design features such as scrolls to give your window bars a touch of je ne sais quoi! You can also choose between square box sections or rounded bars, depending on your taste.


Likewise, the finished product will be powder coated for added protection, and you can choose any colour from the RAL colour chart we will provide you with at the time of the consultation.

I must say these guys are very professional. From the first point of call they told me exactly what it would cost and what I could expect from them. I would highly recommend them.

Verified Checkatrade reviewer

Quality fixed window bars and grilles across London, Surrey and Berkshire

white bars in front of property

Feel safe and secure in your own home with our highly resilient window bars.

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