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security gate on industrial site


Made to measure and fit for purpose, our metal gates and grilles provide optimal levels of security for total peace of mind.

Based in Fulham, London, We proudly serve, London, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey. 

When it comes to your security, prevention is always better than cure

Like it or not, criminals are here to stay, which means protecting yourself and your property should always be a major concern. Anyone who has had their home burgled, vandalised or broken into will attest to how stressful and upsetting the experience can be. But as ever, prevention is better than cure, and few security measures are as effective as our made-to-measure security grilles.


Choose from a variety of designs – including fixed and retractable options – and enjoy maximum levels of security whether it’s your home, your tenants’ homes or a commercial property.

Heavy duty security gates

Whilst security grilles are most commonly associated with protecting windows, the same ideas and technology can be applied to pedestrian access areas, too.


Our retractable, folding gates can be easily opened and closed as required, providing a superb barrier whilst allowing easy access as and when required. Perfect for keeping certain areas out of bounds in any commercial environment.

heavy security gate with finials above it

Breaking down the benefits of security grilles:

  • Our security grilles come in a wide range of styles to suit your needs including bar, mesh, and retractable designs.

  • Security grilles may even reduce your insurance premiums, depending on your insurer’s policies

  • A cost-effective and convenient way to bolster the security of your business or home

  • Your security grilles needn’t be obtrusive, and can be fitted either internally or externally

The security gates/grills were spot on. Now feel safe and secure.

Verified Checkatrade reviewer

Our security gates and grilles provide peace of mind to landlords, tenants, homeowners and businesses throughout London, Surrey and Berkshire

window grilles in white

Keep your premises secure and enjoy peace of mind with our security gates and grilles.

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